Who Is Our Senior Pastor and teacher?

DoctorJerry is the Senior Pastor/Teacher at Grover Road Baptist Church and Professor of Biblical Studies at Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary.  Both are located in Jacksonville Florida.  He hold Undergraduate Degrees, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice University and a Philosophy Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary.

What Do We Teach?

We use the whole Bible as the foundation for our faith as we grow in Christ. Scriptural principles are to be put into practice in the living of life.  Bible study has no value if it is not applied.

 At DoctorJerry.com, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your life. 

Join us each Sunday at Grover Road Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL and experience the warmth of faith and love that we share with one another.

Go deeper and grow stronger by studying God's Word

with us at Grover Road Baptist Church


Learning and Teaching that Others may Learn and Teach

What is our goal?

Our goal is to teach the Word of God to the point of understanding (Nehemiah 8.1-8)...With the result being "great rejoicing" (Nehemiah 8.9-12).